MARKETING CONCEPTS . . . marketing research & analytical services

1. Are you looking for information about markets, consumers (customers), consumer characteristics, competitors' products (or services)?
2. Are you looking for facts and figures (information) about the market but not getting it?
3. Do you doubt the authenticity and genuineness of data (information) procured from third party sources (marketing research agencies)?
4. Do you think data (information) procured from third party sources (marketing research agencies) are too expensive?

If your answer to ​any of the above ​questions is yes, contact -
​Marketing Concepts
​​*marketing research & analytical services

Marketing Concepts guarantees best quality market information and data, much better than any marketing research agency. Authenticity and genuineness of data is 100%. Rates and charges are most competitive and economical.

Meet - 98/4 S. N. Banerjee Road, Esplanade, Kolkata 700 014
Call/Whatapp - 9903668040
Visit /marketingconcepts
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Also providing -
* advertising & communication services
* product & brand management services
* sales management services
* other services


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